Hatchbacks: Making Up For Small Sizes

Although they might not be quite as spacious as a sedan or an SUV, a hatchback offers quite a few benefits to consider while you're driving in Philadelphia. This kind of vehicle is often easier to park because of its smaller size. You can lift the hatch and fold the seats to haul a few larger items while keeping the amazing gas mileage that hatchbacks offer.

Before leaving the Piazza Honda of Philadelphia, you can explore the numerous safety features that are offered, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes. The hatchback is lightweight, making it a car that's fun to drive and that can easily navigate curves and straightaways.

When you get inside a hatchback, you'll discover that there are a few options for maximizing the space that is available. You can fold the back seats down in multiple ways and utilize the hatch of the car as well. A sloping hatchback is an option to consider as well so that you have even more space in your car.



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