Things Not to Do When You Are Towing

Your friends at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia wanted to pass along some of the things you should not do if you plan on towing anything.

Don't load anything on the trailer to be towed without first taking your lug wrench and tightening all the lugs. If they were loose, you run the risk of losing a tire and the load on the highway.

Don't assume because the load is on the trailer that you are ready to roll. Now is the time to balance the load so it is distributed across the trailer safely.

Don't assume just because you connected the wiring harness that all the lights on the trailer are working. This is the time you need to have someone get behind the vehicle and make sure they see the brake lights, the turn signals, and the parking lights, all in working order.

Bringing your vehicle to Piazza Honda of Philadelphia before you tow anything will help ensure your ride is in the best possible shape.



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