Here at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia, we like to do as much as we can to keep our friends and neighbors in Philadelphia as well informed as we possibly can about their vehicles. In particular, we wanted to spend some time discussing some of the reasons why your engine is overheating.

Without a doubt, the most common cause of engine overheating is low coolant levels. Without enough coolant, your engine won't be able to regulate its heat and will quickly become very hot. As such, it is best to top up your coolant on a fairly regular basis.

Your overheating engine may also be caused by a failure in one of the other components under your hood. For instance, a malfunctioning water pump can lead to leaks. A broken radiator, fan, thermostat, or hose can also lead to engine overheating. If you want to keep your car ticking along nicely, you should check in on these components from time to time.



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