Back to School Service Your Vehicle May Need

Do you use your vehicle to transport not only your kids to school but also some of their friends? Is your vehicle in good running condition or in need of some back to school service? Our team at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia wants you to be able to care for your car and keep it in the best possible shape for the commute each day. Here are some tips we have to offer.
• Tires should be in good condition and rotated regularly.
• Oil changes should be current.
• All fluid levels (oil, coolant and windshield washer fluid) should be checked and filled if necessary
• School supplies should be kept in totes or bags and stored in the trunk.
• Make sure you have necessary emergency equipment in the trunk.
• Drive safely and within the speed limit.

Pay us a visit at our Philadelphia store and allow us to provide any service your vehicle may need. We’re here to help!



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