Things To Know About Windshield Repair

The team here at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia loves to pass on our automotive knowledge to our wonderful friends and neighbors in Philadelphia. As such, we have decided to spend some time discussing a topic that we are frequently asked about - windshield repair.

Drivers often ask us if there is any kind of limit to the size of breaks that can be repaired. The answer, unfortunately, is yes. While most small chips and cracks can usually be repaired satisfactorily, longer cracks are much more difficult to repair. As a general rule, if you have a long crack in your windshield, it is probably better to look at replacing the glass instead of repairing it.

Our customers also ask us if a chip repair will keep their windshield from continuing to crack or break. Of course, while a repair will certainly strengthen the impacted area, it will continue to be a weak point in your glass - so further breakage is still possible.



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