Understanding Tread and Pressure

While you may be aware of how your tire tread impacts your driving, you may not know that over- or underinflating your tires can have a detrimental effect and even cause an accident.

Tire blowouts at freeway speeds can have a catastrophic effect. Avoid this possibility by keeping your tires in their proper inflation range. When your tires are too low, they cost you more money in gasoline and can also leave your tire unable to cope with potholes, potentially damaging your rims. A tire gauge will tell you the pressure, and you can check this against the limits written in your owner's manual. Your tread is even easier to check. Place a penny headfirst into a tread, and if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, they're too low.

Piazza Honda of Philadelphia has a full range of tire brands and sizes. We can accommodate all of your tire needs, from checking pressure or tread depth to switching your summer set for winter tires.



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