Understanding an Infotainment System and How to Make it for You

The latest buzzword in automotive technology is the infotainment system. This comprehensive system encompasses a variety of services, including entertainment options, navigation, and useful driving data. The vehicle experts at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia want you to be informed about your vehicle's features so that you can harness the power of technology to deliver a more enhanced driving experience.

Many of today's biggest automobile manufacturers have designed and implemented their own patented infotainment systems for use across all of their vehicles. Some of these systems even come complete with their own app, making them compatible with most smartphones.

These complex systems are run on a variety of operating platforms such as Android, QNX, and Linux. Apple and Android have each designed their own systems that are compatible with their smartphones and mirror the on-screen capabilities. These capabilities and features are then accessed through the vehicle's central infotainment screen for easy access.



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