There is nothing insignificant about taking care of a car. Don't assume anything recommended by mechanics and the manufacturer is "okay" to dismiss. So, when told your tire pressure must remain at a set PSI level, avoid letting the figure go above or below that number. Otherwise, problems, dangerous ones, may ensue.

A properly inflated tire contributes to appropriate balance and traction levels. Losing traction can lead to unsafe driving and a possible serious accident. Improperly inflated tires also come with a blowout risk. Statistics show traffic fatalities frequently result when tires blowout.

Both underinflated and overinflated tires present risks. Therefore, drivers must keep tabs on what their tires air pressure levels are. A basic pressure gauge provides this information. Review the vehicle's owner's manual to determine the appropriate pressure levels.

There's help available in Philadelphia for drivers interested in caring for their tires. The service techs at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia serve as that help.



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