Traction, control, handling and fuel efficiency should all be among your primary concerns when searching for a new car. Still, you may not be aware that your choice of front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive can directly impact all of these important factors. For this reason, we’ll now take a look at these two drivetrains side by side so you can understand the differences.

You’re probably aware that a front-wheel drive vehicle is driven only by the front two wheels, and this provides certain advantages to a vehicle. Primarily, FWD vehicles offer improved traction and control on wet or slick roads. In addition, front-wheel drivetrains are generally less expensive, lighter weight and offer improved fuel efficiency.

In an RWD vehicle, the drivetrain sends all the power to the rear wheels. Although this results in much poorer traction and control in bad weather, rear-wheel drive vehicles typically have far better handling. In addition, rear-wheel drivetrains are generally more durable and less prone to mechanical problems.

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