NHTSA vs. IIHS safety rating crash tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association each have their own methods for measuring vehicle safety. Used car buyers for whom vehicle safety is important should know the different safety rating systems.

The NHTSA measures frontal impact, side impact and rollover likelihood, to arrive at a safety rating between 1 and 5 stars. To rate for frontal impact, the NHTSA crashes the vehicle into a barrier at 35 mph. Side-impact involves two tests: a vehicle T-boning the test vehicle at 38.5 mph and the test vehicle side-impact colliding with
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Information About an Automobile Infotainment System

In the automotive world, infotainment is a term that's used to describe key technology in a cabin. Many automobile brands use infotainment solutions to power communications hardware, entertainment applications, and data technologies.

No matter how a system is designed, a typical infotainment unit will have similar features and functions. The most popular icons give users opportunities to access radio stations, navigation tools, and media options.

All automobile brands have their own unique infotainment technology. Depending on the car, some solutions for strategic...


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A New SUV Can Carry Everyone You Need

Looking to purchase a new vehicle? With so many features that new cars promote, it is important that one takes the time to do a little research on cars before making the big jump. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of an SUV.

If you have a big family, then you may have trouble finding a vehicle that can carry your entire family. This is why an SUV may appeal to you. The days of taking several trips back and forth from point A to point B to get all your family in one place will be…

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Fun Roadtrip Games That Will Keep the Kids Busy

Fun games to play in your vehicle as you head out for that summer vacation will help to keep the kids entertained for a long time. Here are two of the most popular games to play in the car.

When you say, "I Spy with my little eye," you have to think of something the rest of the car can see. They can ask up to twenty total yes and no questions until someone guesses correctly. If they are stumped, the player simply chooses another item. 

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Knowing What to Believe Regarding Motor Oil

There are things that are taught to all drivers, and some of those things are true, and others are myths. You might have learned a lot about vehicles through the years, but it is important for you to know which information that you have received is true and which pieces of information are false. There are many motor oil myths that have been told through the years.

It is a myth that you must take your vehicle to have its oil changed before you head off on a trip. You only need to do this if the oil is due…

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What Needs to be in an Emergency Kit?

At Piazza Honda of Philadelphia, we make it easy to have a well-equipped emergency kit in your car in the local area. Having a few select items that take up very little space in your car can make the difference between getting to safety and spending a cold and dangerous night on the side of the road.

Often times, the difference between moving forward and being stranded is a bottle of fluid. Keeping an extra quart of oil or some windshield wiper fluid can act as insurance against a leak, or just running out. Having a small funnel can make…

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5 Tips for Summer Car Care

To help you keep your vehicle running at its best and avoid unexpected auto expenses, review our five tips for summer car care below. When you finish, you can schedule a service appointment right on our website and save time at the dealership.

  1. Coolant System
    During the summer, the greatest threat of breakdown is your engine overheating. To ensure you're not stuck on the side of the road, have your coolant system inspected and filled before the summer heat hits.
  2. Wipers
    Wipers in poor condition will leave streaks across your windshield and reduce your visibility.​
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Honda Starts Production of All-New 2019 Honda Insight Sedan in Indiana

On May 14, 2018, Honda announced their excitement of starting mass production on the all-new 2019 Honda Insight. The announcement, accompanied by a $61.5 million investment in Indiana and Ohio production plants for the growing Honda lineup, is a big achievement for local communities and American consumers alike.

Beyond an investment in the local areas, the production of the 2019 Honda Insight exemplifies the commitment of Honda to introduce more electrified vehicles into America. The initiative is proudly headed by the Indiana plant that will produce all Honda Insight models

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Tips for Replacing a Flat Tire

While changing a flat tire may be a relatively easy task to complete, it is important that you do it correctly. You should never attempt to change a tire on grass or dirt as the jack could sink into the ground. That could result in the vehicle tipping over and landing on a person or object.

Once you have found a flat spot to raise the car, use the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground. Once this has happened, you can start the process of taking the wheel and tire off. After the damaged tire is off, you…

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What are Gaskets?

The head gasket goes between your cylinder head and engine. It seals in the combustion chamber. Most cars have a custom gasket, so it depends on your car's make and model. The gasket allows for the right compression and also keeps in gases from the exhaust. Altogether, the gasket is needed to make your engine more efficient. However, there can be issues that arise from long-term use and certain types of cars that are more prone to blown gaskets.

The head gasket seals in things tightly and allows pistons to run through the metal sheet. If you notice that…

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