Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, take a toll on the performance of a car battery. Most people associate a dead battery with below zero temps, but extremely high temperatures are just as guilty. Unless you're living somewhere where the temperatures are around 77 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, make routine battery maintenance a top priority.

In cold weather, as the mercury drops, so does the capacity of lead acid batteries. At -22 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery runs at around 50% of its normal capacity. Because motors demand a stronger boost to start in cold weather, this puts a higher strain on the battery.

Good battery maintenance will keep your car running in extreme weather. Make sure that the battery is fully charged at all times. Have it load tested, the electrolytes checked and topped off if necessary, and have the connections inspected for signs of corrosion.

Before the extreme weather hits the greater Philadelphia area, be sure to confide in our service center at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia for your battery maintenance.

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