When the seasons change, we need to adapt to the new surroundings. Although, we often forget that our cars need to adapt as well. Whether its new tires, oil changes, or alignments, there are many things we forget about when it comes to summer maintenance. And, as nice as it'd be to forget about our automotive responsibilities throughout the warmer months, avoiding costly repairs is important.

To help you keep your vehicle running at its best and avoid unexpected auto expenses, review our five tips for summer car care below. When you finish, you can schedule a service appointment right on our website and save time at the dealership.

  1. Coolant System
    During the summer, the greatest threat of breakdown is your engine overheating. To ensure you're not stuck on the side of the road, have your coolant system inspected and filled before the summer heat hits.
  2. Wipers
    We often think of wipers being more useful during the winter and spring, but having good wiper blades year-round is important. Wipers in poor condition will leave streaks across your windshield and reduce your visibility.
  3. Engine belts
    Engine belts ensure that your vehicle can get the power it needs to move, and they can fail for various reasons. Have your engine belts inspected, replaced, and applied with the right tension to ensure you can drive with confidence.
  4. Air-Conditioning System
    There's nothing worse than being stuck in the summer heat without a way to cool off. Have you’re A/C system inspected by a service professional to ensure that your system is free of leaks and is working properly.
  5. Tires
    During the winter we often think of putting winter tires on our vehicle and the benefits of having good tread. But, during the summer tires are just as important, ensure your tires have enough tread and are filled to their proper operating pressure.
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