Many people choose to debadge their car to change its look. Debadging a car can give the body of the car a sleek, uninterrupted look. Debadging a car is a mostly quick and easy process; it requires only a few common household tools to accomplish. It is, however, worth knowing how to do properly so that you don't damage your vehicle's paint.

Find out How The Badge is Fastened

Some badges are fastened with clips, and others are held in place by an adhesive. If clips are used to hold the badge in place, the process will be much more complicated. If adhesive is used, follow the steps below.
  • Use hot water or a hair dryer to soften the adhesive
  • Pry the emblem from the body with a plastic wedge tool
  • Use a credit card or floss to remove remaining adhesive
  • Clean and wax the exterior paint to finish the job.



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