Proper Tire Selection Can Help to Prevent Oversteering Issues

Here at Piazza Honda of Philadelphia, we enjoy helping to keep our customers safe by equipping them with the right tires at the right times. Using the correct tires can help drivers to avoid the insidious dangers of oversteering and understeering.

Understeering takes place when front-wheel-drive or other vehicles lose the ability to turn in either direction or stop. Understeer skids can be dangerous, but if drivers remain calm and allow the front wheels to roll freely for short periods of time, they can often regain control.

Oversteering is basically the opposite of understeering. Drivers who experience oversteering issues may lose traction on the rear wheels of their vehicles. Rather than turning away from swerves, drivers should gently turn into swerves, avoid using their brakes, and ease off their gas pedals.

Drivers can mitigate both types of situations by using the proper tires at the proper times. Individuals that make use of all-weather or summer tires during warm weather and winter tires during cold seasons can rest assured that their wheels will remain in contact with the ground when they need to most.



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